Unreal Engine角色扮演RPG网络游戏完整制作工作流程视频教程

Unreal Engine角色扮演RPG网络游戏完整制作工作流程视频教程



本教程是关于Unreal Engine角色扮演RPG网络游戏完整制作工作流程视频教程,时长:39小时,大小:15.8 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Unreal Engine 4,附源文件,作者:Jeff T,共176个章节,语言:俄语。

Unreal Engine 4虚幻游戏引擎是一款商业性的3D游戏开发引擎,是Epic数百位工程师、艺术家以及设计师的心血之作。不过这还只是开始,在C++代码中,你可以看到很多创新之处,比如支持Oculus VR、Linux系统、Valve公司的Steamworks和 Steam Box效果,并且可以使用HTML5在网页浏览器中开发游戏。虚幻引擎4基于DirectX 11,拥有新的材料流水线、蓝图视觉化脚本、直观蓝图调试、内容浏览器、人物动画、Matinee影院级工具集、全新地形和植被、后期处理效果、热重载(Hot Reload)、模拟与沉浸式视角、即时游戏预览、AI人工智能、音频、中间件集成等一系列全新特性。

Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎参与制作游戏有:《逃生》、《DMC鬼泣》、《死侍》、《失落的星球3》、《生化奇兵:无限》、《羞辱》、《战争机器:审判》、《杀手已死》、《勿忘我》、《Papa & Yo》、《忍者神龟:脱颖而出》等等。

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate users of Unreal Engine 4 (6+ months of using the engine). I recommend that you have at least a basic understanding of the Engine. I move fast at times and I expect you to figure things out on your own by pausing the video if needed. Purchasing this course does NOT give you personal consulting from me for basic issues. You can always hire me for that separately.
Action RPG's can be complex to create with many systems working at once. I've been working with the engine for many years, and it is my goal to teach you step-by-step how to build a fun, challenging action RPG from scratch.
Thanks to Epic, there are thousands of assets that are free to use. We'll start by importing one of the Paragon characters from the marketplace. We'll then use Blender to detach the sword and shield from the mesh and import it back into UE4. Don't worry, I'll teach you how to do this step in Blender. It's quite easy!
This is my first course so I ask you to be patient with me. If you think I deserve anything but 5 stars, please let me know so I can make improvements and help you progress. I can always redo videos and make things more clear.
You'll be learning how to pick up and equip weapons, shields and helmets. You'll learn how to setup abilities to use against monsters. We'll create AI that attacks the player with several different abilities and is challenging. We'll also create particle effects, edit animations, create levels, and much more!
And all of this will work for multiplayer as well so you and your friends can play together (but you can always ignore the multiplayer parts if you just want to do a single player RPG).
We will also use some C++ to setup our classes, create structures and enums, make a few functions, and so on. I am not a C++ programmer but I highly recommend you use it in the way that I show you.
With that said, if you want to use absolutely no C++, you have that option as well. I'll show you how to do everything with just blueprint.
Souls-like RPG's are probably the most popular type of game on consoles. So, we'll make sure you can play with a Gamepad as well.
If you've always wanted to make a fun RPG, why not join this course and come along while I build? It will be a fun, on-going process and you can help me make it great.
Join now and let's get started!
What you’ll learn
You'll learn how to use Blueprint efficiently to create fast-performing, core RPG mechanics -- no casting!
You'll learn how to create challenging A.I. enemies with a variety of damaging attacks and spells.
You'll learn how to use C++ with Blueprint to create classes, variables and function (but, you don't have to use C++ if you don't want to)
We'll create a stats system to store health, stamina and mana for the Player and A.I.
You'll learn how to pick up items and attach them to the Player (we'll start with swords, shields and helmets)
I'll teach you how to use Blender to make quick edits to characters and meshes so that you can use them in your game (don't worry, I'll walk you through Blender)
You'll learn how to create a Dynamic Day/Night system that works for multiplayer
We'll create a "Castle" level that we'll continue to build on as we get deeper into the course
You'll learn how to light outdoor environments and how to use post process effects to get some good results
Get access to our members-only Discord where we ask questions, share our progress and help each other out!
You'll learn how to setup sound effects and particles to up the quality of your games
Everything you learn is designed for you to take these skills and expand on them in your own projects. Add your own animations, sound effects, items and more!
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic understanding of Unreal Engine 4. I won't cover the absolute basics, but every step I take to build the game will be recorded.
Be willing to learn, ask questions, and pause the videos as you go along.
Who this course is for:
This course is for those who desire to learn how to develop games efficiently. Most tutorials (and projects) do things poorly and teach bad habits. I'll show you how to do things correctly.
If you love souls-like action RPG's, then come with me on this journey and let's create!

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