Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程

Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程



本视频教程是关于Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程,时长:1小时26分,大小:1 GB,MP4视频格式,教程使用软件:Lightroom CC,作者:Tom Kai,共12个章节,语言:英语。

Adobe Lightroom是一款以后期制作为重点的图形工具,Adobe的目标是将其打造成未来数字图形处理的标准,Lightroom的界面和功能与苹果推出的 Aperture颇为相似,主要面向数码摄影、图形设计等专业人士和高端用户,支持各种RAW图像,主要用于数码相片的浏览、编辑、整理、打印等.

Learn how to define your style as well as the importance using presets in your workflow as you edit in Lightroom! I will walk you through the process from beginning to the end and give you some useful tips and tricks that I wish I knew when I first started. At the end of this course, you will have edited 3 of your own photos and be well on your way to defining your own style! You will also have the skills and know-how to edit any photo that you want!
I am Tom Kai, A professional photographer and graphic designer with an incredible passion for creating. I’ve been working in the creative field for the past 10 years and in that time I’ve learned a lot of useful information that I want to share with YOU! I am excited to help you to learn how to “Define your style and the importance of presets” and to get you started with creating stunning edits in Lightroom. I also want to give you all the skills you need to create any kind of edit that you can think of! If you want to see more of my work, I encourage you to check out my website HERE or feel free to follow me over on instagram @therealtomkai or you can just click HERE
This class is designed for those starting out in photography or for those who want to define their own style. This course is in depth enough for those familiar with Lightroom, but also beginner friendly as I walk through my whole process, I am sure you will be able to follow along. I will be walking you through some shortcuts and tricks that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me find my own style and at the same time improve my workflow and that have helped me create edits that caught the eyes of some very cool clients! Whether you are starting out or just want to rebrand with a completely new style, this class will be useful to all of you! And don’t worry, I will provide you with all needed material for this project, such as the images.
This course is made using the classic version of Lightroom, however the principles and skills taught in this course can and will apply to other versions as well. You can also download a free trial of Adobe Lightroom from
In this course you will learn:
Why having your own style is important
How to find your unique style
The importance of using presets
How to create presets
How to use the Lightroom interface and tools
How to create unique stylized edits
Proper way to save and export your final photos

Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第1张 Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第2张 Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第3张 Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第4张 Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第5张 Lightroom CC摄影照片编辑自定义样式与预设技术视频教程 LR 第6张

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