Blender 2.9简单卡通角色完整制作训练视频教程

Blender 2.9简单卡通角色完整制作训练视频教程



本教程是关于Blender 2.9简单卡通角色完整制作训练视频教程,时长:1小时21分,大小:6.8 GB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender 2.9作者:Dino Bandzovic,共8个章节,语言:英语。


This tutorial is about blender 2.9 simple cartoon character complete production training video tutorial, duration: 1 hour and 21 minutes, size: 6.8 GB, format: MP4 HD video format, tutorial software: blender 2.9, author: dino bandzovic, a total of 8 chapters, language: English.

Blender is an open source, multi platform, lightweight and versatile 3D animation software, providing a series of animation short film production solutions from modeling, animation, materials, rendering, to audio processing, video editing. Blender uses Python as the built-in script, supports the yafaray renderers, and also builds the game engine. Animation tools, including reverse action components, can set bones, structural deformation, key frames, timeline, nonlinear video editing, vertex weight measurement and flexible momentum components, including mesh collision detection and a particle system with reconnaissance and collision detection, solid collision, cloth, liquid, force field calculation.

Hello everybody and welcome to another blender course. My name is Dino and in this course, we will create a stylized character with blender 2.9. In this course, we will discover a lot of new things and I will show you how under one hour you will be able to have a stylized character that you can later duplicate and edit quickly and you will have another character.
First, we will start by modeling the head and glasses. With metaballs, we will be able to have different hair on characters very easy and simple. Later on, we will add a collar and body. Next, I will show you how with curve you will be able to create arms and legs in a few minutes. Later at the end of modeling, we will create hands and shoes and add a few small details.
At the end of the course, I will show you how you can use hdri for lighting up the scene and we will put materials on and prepare our scene for rendering. After the course, you will know how to make simple stylized characters and characters that you can edit use for portfolio and show it to your social media and friends and also you can later on animate.
So let’s begin and be productive and creative.

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