本视频教程是关于Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程,时长:1小时22分,大小:310 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:NUKE,作者:Steve Wright,共17个章节,语言:英语。

当今大型电影绝伦的特效,不禁让人要惊叹其合成的逼真与强大!NUKE曾被用在Digital Domain所制作的很多电影和商业片中。NUKE 是由The Foundry公司研发的一数码节点式合成软件。已经过10年的历练,曾获得学院奖(Academy Award)。为艺术家们提供了创造具有高质素的相片效果的图像的方法。NUKE无需专门的硬件平台,但却能为艺术家提供组合和操作扫描的照片,视频板以及计算机生成的图像的灵活、有效、节约和全功能的工具。在数码领域,NUKE已被用于近百部影片和数以百计的商业和音乐电视,NUKE具有先进的将最终视觉效果与电影电视的其余部分无缝结合的能力,无论所需应用的视觉效果是什么风格或者有多复杂。Nuke合成软件参与制作的著名影视有:《后天》、《机械公敌》、《极限特工》、《泰坦尼克号》、《阿波罗13》、《真实的谎言》、《X战警》、《金刚》等。

This video tutorial is about nuke light and shadow VFX special effect technology lens production training video course, duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes, size: 310 MB, MP4 high-definition video format, using software: nuke, author: Steve Wright, a total of 17 chapters, language: English. Rrcg sharing

Today's superb special effects of large-scale movies can not help but marvel at the lifelike and powerful synthesis! Nuke has been used in many films and commercial films produced by digital domain. Nuke is a digital node synthesis software developed by the foundry company. After 10 years of experience, he has won the Academy Award. It provides a way for artists to create images with high quality photo effects. Nuke does not need a special hardware platform, but it can provide artists with flexible, effective, economical and full-featured tools to combine and operate scanned photos, video boards and computer-generated images. In the digital field, nuke has been used in nearly 100 films and hundreds of commercial and music TV. Nuke has the advanced ability to seamlessly combine the final visual effects with the rest of film and television, no matter what style or complexity of the visual effects to be applied. Nuke software has participated in the production of famous films and television: the day after tomorrow, mechanical public enemy, extreme agent, Titanic, Apollo 13, true lies, X-Men, King Kong, etc.

Whenever a camera shoots a scene, the lens adds a variety of effects to the captured image. These effects have to be duplicated and matched by the compositor when merging layers from different camera or CGI sources. Learn step-by-step procedures for replicating and simulating common lens effects—with any VFX software. This course documents nearly a dozen different techniques, including lens distortion, depth of field, soft focus, vignetting, spherical aberration, astigmatism, chromatic aberration, and glows and flares. For each lens effect, its optical cause, appearance, and the math to composite it into your shots are documented in a software-agnostic way. Many are illustrated with CGI animations. Instructor Steve Wright also provides an in-depth explanation of layering order, showing how to combine lens effects in the right order for maximum effectiveness.
This course was created by Steve Wright. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第1张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第2张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第3张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第4张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第5张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第6张 Nuke光影VFX特效技术镜头制作训练视频教程 CG 第7张

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