本教程是关于C4D科幻女性角色概念艺术设计工作流程视频教程,时长:2小时57分,大小:4.5 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Cinema 4D,作者:Artisan Streamer,共16个章节,语言:英语。

Cinema 4D是一套由德国公司Maxon Computer开发的3D绘图软件,以及高的运算速度和强大的渲染插件著称。Cinema 4D 应用广泛,在广告、电影、工业设计、等方面都有出色的表现,例如影片《阿凡达》有花鸦三维影动研究室中国工作人员使用Cinema 4D制作了部分场景,在这样的大片中看到C4D的表现是很优秀的。在其他动画电影中也人人素材网使用到C4D的有很多如《毁灭战士》(Doom)、《范海辛》〈Van Helsing〉、《蜘蛛侠》、以及动画片《极地特快》、《丛林总动员》(Open Season)等等。它正成为许多一流艺术家和电影公司的首选,Cinema 4D已经走向成熟,很多模块的功能在同类软件中是代表科技进步的成果。

This course is about C4d science fiction female character concept art design workflow video tutorial, duration: 2 hours and 57 minutes, size: 4.5 GB, MP4 high-definition video format, using software: Cinema 4D, author: Artisan streamer, a total of 16 chapters, language: English.

Cinema 4D is a 3D drawing software developed by German company Maxon computer. It is well known for its high computing speed and powerful rendering plug-in. Cinema 4D is widely used in advertising, film, industrial design, and other aspects. For example, in Avatar, there is a flower crow 3D animation research room. Chinese staff used Cinema 4D to make some scenes. It is very good to see the performance of C4d in such large films. In other animated films, there are a lot of C4d used by Renren material website, such as "doom", "van Helsing", "Spider Man", "Polar Express", "open season" and so on. It is becoming the first choice of many first-class artists and film companies. Cinema 4D has become mature, and the functions of many modules represent the achievements of scientific and technological progress in similar software.

This course is focused on creating female sci fi concept art in Cinema 4d, Bodypaint, and Photoshop. We will then bring our final model render into photoshop, to work on the final shot. (Note: The female base mesh used in this course comes shipped with Cinema 4d.) You should have some basic knowledge of Cinema 4d and 3d graphics in general, but if you don’t there will be a crash course in the bonus section to help you get up to speed. By end of this course you will understand how to:
Sculpt in Cinema 4d
Create geometry
Retopologize your mesh
Cloth Simulation in 4d
Create hair in Cinema 4d
UV’s in Cinema 4d
Add materials to your mesh in Cinema 4d
Texturing in Cinema 4d
Texturing in Bodypaint
Texturing in Photoshop
Rendering in Cinema 4d
HDR Setup in Cinema 4d

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