本教程是关于Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程,时长:22分,大小:490 MB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender 2.8,作者:Ondre Studios,共7个章节,语言:英语。


Octane Render是世界上第一个真正意义上的基于GPU、全能、基于物理渲染的渲染器。这意味着什么?只使用你计算机上的视频卡,就可以获得更快、更逼真的渲染结果…相比传统的基于CPU渲染,它可以使得用户可以花费更少的时间就可以获得十分出色的作品。然而,其它软件就不能像Octane这样做到。你可以仅凭借一块当下的GPU,就可以期待相比传统的基于CPU渲染,达到10到50倍的速度提升。Octane Render不仅快速,而且完全交互,允许你以过去想都不敢想的工作方式去工作,例如,编辑灯光、材质、摄像机设置、景深等等,你还可以实时获得渲染结果。它也允许超乎你的想象的速度去工作。在新的渲染方式下,你将更像是一个摄影师一样去探索你的场景。Octane Render让渲染再次变成了一件有趣的事情。

This course is about blender and octane PCB motherboard example production training video course, duration: 22 minutes, size: 490 MB, format: MP4 HD video format, the use of software: blender 2.8, author: ondre studios, a total of 7 chapters, language: English.

Blender is an open source, multi platform, lightweight and versatile 3D animation software, providing a series of animation short film production solutions from modeling, animation, materials, rendering, to audio processing, video editing. Blender uses Python as the built-in script, supports the yafaray renderers, and also builds the game engine. Animation tools, including reverse action components, can set bones, structural deformation, key frames, timeline, nonlinear video editing, vertex weight measurement and flexible momentum components, including mesh collision detection and a particle system with reconnaissance and collision detection, solid collision, cloth, liquid, force field calculation.

Octane render is the world's first truly GPU based, all-round, physical based rendering. What does that mean? Just use the video card on your computer to get faster and more realistic rendering results Compared with the traditional CPU based rendering, it can make users spend less time to get excellent works. However, other software can't do this like octane. You can expect 10 to 50 times faster than traditional CPU based rendering with just one GPU today. Octane render is not only fast, but also fully interactive, allowing you to work in ways you never thought possible, such as editing lights, materials, camera settings, depth of field, and so on. You can also get real-time rendering results. It also allows you to work faster than you think. In the new rendering mode, you will be more like a photographer to explore your scene. Octane render makes rendering an interesting thing again.

In this class you will learn how to create your very own Motherboard/Circuit board and achieving a photorealistic result, using Blender (or your favorite 3D Software) with Octane + JSplacement.
Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing your scenes, don’t forget to be creative and do your own changes to it.

Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程 CG 第1张 Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程 CG 第2张 Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程 CG 第3张 Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程 CG 第4张 Blender与Octane电路板主板实例制作训练视频教程 CG 第5张

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