本教程是关于Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程,时长:11小时30分,大小:9.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Maya,Unity,附源文件,作者:Alan Balodi,共67个章节,语言:英语。

Autodesk Maya是美国Autodesk公司出品的世界顶级的三维动画软件,应用对象是专业的影视广告,角色动画,电影特技等。Maya功能完善,工作灵活,易学易用,制作效率极高,渲染真实感极强,是电影级别的高端制作软件。Maya声名显赫,是制作者梦寐以求的制作工具,掌握了Maya,会极大的提高制作效率和品质,调节出仿真的角色动画,渲染出电影一般的真实效果,向世界顶级动画师迈进。Maya 集成了Alias、Wavefront 最先进的动画及数字效果技术。它不仅包括一般三维和视觉效果制作的功能,而且还与最先进的建模、数字化布料模拟、毛发渲染、运动匹配技术相结合。Maya 可在Windows NT与 SGI IRIX 操作系统上运行。在目前市场上用来进行数字和三维制作的工具中,Maya 是首选解决方案。

Maya参与制作的电影有:法国国宝级艺术家Jean Giraud,他原创的影片有《第五元素》、《异形》、《星战》等,并参与制作了《沙丘魔堡》、《深渊》等经典科幻电影;导演Glenn Chaika,著名动画片导演,曾在迪斯尼担任《小美人鱼》的动画师,并执导《拇指仙童历险记》、《花木兰II》等影片;模型监制Wayne Kennedy是曾参与过《隐形人》、《星球大战》、《龙卷风》、《黑衣人》、《木乃伊》的模型师;动画监制Bob Koch和Kelvin Lee是担任《 玩具总动员》、《精灵鼠小弟》等影片的资深动画师;特效指导Manny Wong曾担任《后天》的特效总监,并参与制作了《狂莽之灾I》、《星河战舰》、《巨蟒》、《魔女游戏》等影片。

This tutorial is about Maya high-quality game assets 3D model production video tutorial, duration: 11 hours and 30 minutes, size: 9.2 GB, MP4 HD video format, tutorial software: Maya, unity, with source files, author: Alan balodi, 67 chapters, language: English.

Autodesk Maya is the world's top 3D animation software produced by American Autodesk company. Its application objects are professional film and television advertising, character animation, film stunts, etc. Maya has perfect functions, flexible work, easy to learn and use, high production efficiency and strong rendering realism. It is a high-end film level production software. Maya is well-known, is the production tool that producers dream of. Mastering Maya will greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, adjust the simulated character animation, render the real effect of the movie, and move forward to the world's top animators. Maya integrates the most advanced animation and digital effects technology from alias and wavefront. It not only includes the functions of general 3D and visual effect production, but also combines with the most advanced modeling, digital cloth simulation, hair rendering and motion matching technology. Maya runs on Windows NT and SGI IRIX operating systems. Among the tools currently on the market for digital and 3D production, Maya is the preferred solution.

Maya participated in the production of films: Jean Giraud, a French national treasure level artist. His original films include "the fifth element", "alien", "Star Wars", etc., and participated in the production of classic sci-fi films such as dune castle and abyss; director Glenn Chaika, a famous animation director, once worked as an animator of little mermaid at Disney, and directed the adventures of thumb fairy, Mulan II and other films; Wayne Kennedy, the model producer, was a model designer who had participated in invisible man, star wars, tornado, man in black and mummy; Bob Koch and Kelvin Lee, animation directors, served as animators《 Senior animator of toy story, elves mouse and other films; special effects director Manny Wong once served as the special effects director of "the day after tomorrow", and participated in the production of "mad mang disaster I", "Star River warship", "Python", "witch game" and other films.

A step-by-step guide to selling your character designs in the Unity Asset Store.
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I will cover where to download your Free version of Maya and Unity 3D!
You will need Adobe Photoshop for texture painting.

Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第1张 Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第2张 Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第3张 Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第4张 Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第5张 Maya高质量游戏资产3D模型实例制作视频教程 maya 第6张

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