Unreal Engine世界末日游戏室内环境制作完整流程视频教程

Unreal Engine世界末日游戏室内环境制作完整流程视频教程



本教程是关于Unreal Engine世界末日游戏室内环境制作完整流程视频教程,时长:13小时40分,大小:12.3 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:UE4,附源文件,作者:Victory,共46个章节,语言:英语。

Unreal Engine 4虚幻游戏引擎是一款商业性的3D游戏开发引擎,是Epic数百位工程师、艺术家以及设计师的心血之作。不过这还只是开始,在C++代码中,你可以看到很多创新之处,比如支持Oculus VR、Linux系统、Valve公司的Steamworks和 Steam Box效果,并且可以使用HTML5在网页浏览器中开发游戏。虚幻引擎4基于DirectX 11,拥有新的材料流水线、蓝图视觉化脚本、直观蓝图调试、内容浏览器、人物动画、Matinee影院级工具集、全新地形和植被、后期处理效果、热重载(Hot Reload)、模拟与沉浸式视角、即时游戏预览、AI人工智能、音频、中间件集成等一系列全新特性。

Unreal Engine虚幻游戏引擎参与制作游戏有:《逃生》、《DMC鬼泣》、《死侍》、《失落的星球3》、《生化奇兵:无限》、《羞辱》、《战争机器:审判》、《杀手已死》、《勿忘我》、《Papa & Yo》、《忍者神龟:脱颖而出》等等。

This tutorial is about Unreal Engine doomsday game indoor environment production complete process video tutorial, duration: 13 hours and 40 minutes, size: 12.3 GB, MP4 high-definition video format, using software: UE4, source file, author: victory, a total of 46 chapters, language: English. Rrcg sharing

Unreal Engine 4 is a commercial 3D game development engine. It is the painstaking work of hundreds of engineers, artists and designers of epic. However, this is only the beginning. In C + + code, you can see many innovations, such as supporting oculus VR, Linux system, valve's Steamworks and steam box effects, and developing games in web browsers using HTML5. Based on Directx 11, virtual engine 4 has a new material pipeline, blueprint visualization script, visual blueprint debugging, content browser, character animation, matinee cinema level tool set, new terrain and vegetation, post-processing effect and hot overload (hot) A series of new features such as reload, simulation and immersion perspective, real-time game preview, AI Artificial Intelligence, audio, middleware integration, etc.

Unreal engine virtual game engine to participate in the production of games: escape, DMC ghost cry, death attendant, lost planet 3, biochemical wonder: infinite, humiliation, war machine: trial, killer is dead, forget me not, Papa & yo, Ninja Turtle: stand out, etc.

Learn How to Model, Texture, and Light a Game Environment using 3ds Max, Substance Painter, and Unreal
What you’ll learn
Learn the entire process of environment game production
Understand storytelling and how to set the mood in a scene
Create believable environment destruction
Create clean UV layouts
Implement realistic grime and dirt textures
Add post FX and bake lights inside a game engine
Basic knowledge of 3ds Max, Substance Painter and Unreal is required.

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