本教程是关于3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季,时长:31小时55分,大小:13.4 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Substance Designer,Substance Painter,Zbrush,Maya,附源文件,作者:3DEX,共43个章节,语言:英语。RRCG分享

Substance Designer是Substance贴图工具产品系列之一,它可以帮助美术师高效地创建并且重复应用贴图。Substance Designer是首款能够混合及应用位图, 矢量图和其他元素的专业贴图工具,使用它能够制作复杂的贴图。用Substance Designer制作的贴图具有许多传统位图不具备的优势。后者相对静止且用线性方式制作,而用Substance Designer制作的贴图更具活力,在制作的每个阶段都可以被高度的自定义。

Substance Painter是目前最优秀的次世代游戏贴图绘制软件,该软件提供了构建3D素材所需的所有工具,包括粒子笔刷,可以模拟自然粒子下落,粒子的轨迹形成纹理。当然还包括了Material Painting材质绘制,可以一次绘出所有的材质,同时几秒内便可加入精巧的细节。同时软件支持Linux,8K导出,色彩管理,UDIM管理和脚本API,使Substance Painter与VFX工作流程相结合比以往更容易。Substance Painter拥有一个独特而全面的工具和内容生态系统,围绕3个主要软件组件展开,包括3D绘画软件,可以用画笔,面具和粒子的纹理,呈现并轻松导出到游戏引擎。材料制作软件:用户可以使用非破坏性的,基于节点的,程序化和可编写脚本的工作流程来编写纹理和材质。图像材料生成工具:能够帮助设计人员提取花木PBR纹理并生成法线贴图。

This tutorial is about 3DEX institutional game assets from modeling to texture material production video tutorial collection of the third season, duration: 31 hours 55 minutes, size: 13.4 GB, MP4 high-definition video format, tutorial software: substance designer, substance painter, ZBrush, Maya, with source documents, author: 3DEX, a total of 43 chapters, language: English. Rrcg sharing

Substance designer is one of the product lines of substance mapping tools, which can help artists create and repeatedly apply maps efficiently. Substance designer is the first professional mapping tool that can mix and apply bitmaps, vector images and other elements. It can be used to make complex maps. Maps made with substance designer have many advantages that traditional bitmaps do not have. The latter is relatively static and made in a linear way, while the texture made by substance designer is more dynamic and can be highly customized at each stage of production.

Substance painter is the best next generation game mapping software, which provides all the tools needed to build 3D materials, including particle brush, which can simulate the natural particle falling and the particle trajectory forming texture. Of course, it also includes material painting, which can draw all materials at once and add delicate details in a few seconds. At the same time, the software supports Linux, 8K export, color management, udim management and script API, making the combination of substance painter and VFX workflow easier than ever. Substance painter has a unique and comprehensive tool and content ecosystem, which is developed around three main software components, including 3D painting software, which can be rendered and easily exported to the game engine with the texture of brush, mask and particle. Material making software: users can use non-destructive, node based, programmed and scriptable workflow to write textures and materials. Image material generation tool: can help designers extract PBR texture of flowers and trees and generate normal map.

Contains Many Tutorials on creating Stylized Assets.
Software used in Tutorials: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer
Most contain no Commentary.
Full Video Stylized Bush
Full Video Stylized Cake Slice
Full Video Stylized Calendar
Full Video Stylized Candles
Full Video Stylized Debris Pile
Full Video Stylized Dresser
Full Video Stylized Flame Tower
Full Video Stylized Fountain
Full Video Stylized Gold Sack.
Full Video Stylized Hat
Full Video Stylized Hay
Full Video Stylized Hourglass.
Full Video Stylized Model
Full Video Stylized Mushrooms
Full Video Stylized Pigeon
Full Video Stylized Plants
Full Video Stylized Potion
Full Video Stylized Refrigerator.
Full Video Stylized Rock
Full Video Stylized Rock with Runes
Full Video Stylized Roof with Snow
Full Video Stylized Scroll
Full Video Stylized Skulls Material

3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季 3D 第1张 3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季 3D 第2张 3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季 3D 第3张 3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季 3D 第4张 3DEX机构游戏资产从建模到纹理材质制作视频教程合集第三季 3D 第5张

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