Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程

Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程


本教程是关于Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程,时长:2小时06分,大小:1.9 GB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender作者:IVito,共25个章节,语言:英语。RRCG分享f



This tutorial is about blender 2.83 basic interior design training video course, duration: 2 hours and 06 minutes, size: 1.9 GB, format: MP4 HD video format, using software: blender, author: ivito, a total of 25 chapters, language: English. Rrcg share f

Blender is an open source, multi platform, lightweight and versatile 3D animation software, providing a series of animation short film production solutions from modeling, animation, materials, rendering, to audio processing, video editing. Blender uses Python as the built-in script, supports the yafaray renderers, and also builds the game engine. Animation tools, including reverse action components, can set bones, structural deformation, key frames, timeline, nonlinear video editing, vertex weight measurement and flexible momentum components, including mesh collision detection and a particle system with reconnaissance and collision detection, solid collision, cloth, liquid, force field calculation.


Hi everyone, welcome to Blender 2.83 Interior Design Beginners Course
In this course we’ll begin by downloading and installing blender then we’ll set up a project structure for the interior design after that we’ll explore the basics of blender and get familiar with tools we’ll be using in this course. Next we’ll model entire interior design including furniture, curtains and more after that we’ll set up lighting and materials and finally render photorealistic images out of blender and as a bonus content we’ll cover some tips about UV Mapping and where to get resources for your projects

Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第1张 Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第2张 Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第3张 Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第4张 Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第5张 Blender 2.83室内设计基础入门训练视频教程 CG 第6张

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